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October 2018

Last updated: 26-Nov-2018
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Feature/Patch/Bug fix



October 9, 2018 We just made it easier for you to create order exports for certain affiliates, by adding a new filter to ISE for affiliate ID. Feature Click me
October 12, 2018 You can now benefit from capture delay capabilities to support your use of the payment delay flow. Feature Click me
October 17, 2018 We are constantly adjusting our platform to the latest regulations, so we’ve added a field for the VAT in the invoices issued to shoppers in the UAE market. Feature -
October 18, 2018 Your B2B shoppers in Belarus now benefit from a new field in the ConvertPlus shopping cart, as we've added the VAT option that makes them compliant with the latest financial regulations in the country. Feature -
October 25, 2018 You can curb cart abandonment by including retry payment links into unfinished payments follow-up emails based on the origin (custom shopping cart, API or ConvertPlus) of the order. Feature Click me
October 25, 2018 We’ve added mandatory fields in the shopping cart for B2B orders so that you are compliant with the latest financial regulations of the Turkish government. Feature -
October 30, 2018 We want to make your work easier, so we’ve added a new parameter during the ConvertPlus manual renewal process that allows you to add product options and quantity. Feature Click me
October 17, 2018 Now you can benefit from a new Webhooks and API section in the cPanel, which will ease the integration of your eCommerce platform to 2Checkout, and will help you activate notifications like IPN, LCN, and INS in one single space with just a few clicks. Patch -
October 17, 2018 We’re constantly keeping you up to date with the latest tax regulations, so we’ve added two mandatory fields (GSTIN and District) for B2B orders from India. Patch -
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