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September 2018

Last updated: 28-Jan-2019
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September 6, 2018 You can now generate renewal links using the ConvertPlus ordering flow.  Additionally, you can use the system generated links from the subscription page or create custom links on your own.  Feature Click me
September 6, 2018 To make sure you can safely sell in Turkey, we now comply with the latest regulations in terms of the mandatory billing fields for B2C orders. Feature -
September 10, 2018 Your LCN notifications now include product code information (product ID), so you can successfully track products included in your subscription. Feature Click me
September 18, 2018 Your Inline and Convert Plus cart flows just got better, as they are now able to support an additional parameter for on the fly products so that you can pass through the product identifier. Feature Click me
September 18, 2018 Your customers can now benefit from a responsive Inline cart design, which renders well on a variety of devices and screen sizes so that you can meet your shoppers' increasing need of purchasing using mobile devices. Feature Click me
September 19, 2018 Your shopping cart details now benefit from extra-protection, and they are easier to validate by the 2CO platform, as ConvertPlus buy-links parameters (both incoming and outgoing) are signed using your secret word. Feature Click me
September 25, 2018 We included a payment Grace Period in the Channel Manager reporting. Now you can use Channel Manager to retrieve the period of time a partner has for paying an order. Feature -
September 28, 2018 We've improved the response time for test orders, which will help you to significantly reduce automation tests failures. Patch -
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