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December 2018

Last updated: 05-Jun-2020
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December 3, 2018 Merchants can now activate Instant Payment Notifications (IPN), License Change Notification (LCN) and Instant Notification Service (INS) at the same time from their cPanel dashboard. In this way, all vendors (MoR and PSP), including the ones that use connectors integration, can take advantage of our extensive real-time notifications engines. Feature Click me
December 4, 2018 Optimized the internal process of generating ConvertPlus manual renewal links included in e-mail reminders, from individual platform calls towards a bulk process so that the platform’s technical response is increased. Feature Click me
December 20, 2018 Merchants can now edit their existing payout details (payout methods and currencies) from their cPanel dashboard. This feature is available for both MoR and PSP. All requests for payout details change must be approved by 2Checkout’s Financial Operations team. Feature Click me
December 27, 2018 Merchants can now define the pricing options that will be displayed in the Inline Cart, different than the default product ones so that the shopper can have a personalized shopping experience. This functionality is supported for both catalog and dynamic products. Patch -
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