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June 2020

Last updated: 14-Jul-2020
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June 2, 2020 Enhanced the Subscriptions export from the Merchant Control Panel so that merchants can easily identify imported subscriptions, and can thus be better equipped to manage activities related to a subscription after migration. Patch -
June 4, 2020 Extended the CPQ (Configure price quote) via API to also support tracking of proposal type, status, expiration period, terms and conditions, and more. Feature Click me
June 4, 2020 Updated INS trigger settings so that merchants are now able to pass on information about some of their actions on the products and proposals via webhook payloads. Patch -
June 16, 2020 Without writing any code, by simply enabling a checkbox in churn prevention campaigns, merchants can now allow their subscribers to pause their subscriptions by themselves from their shopper MyAccount. This gives subscribers an alternative to canceling their subscription and helps merchants reduce voluntary churn by up to 10%. Feature Click me
June 18, 2020 Merchants now have the possibility to reduce the number of steps in the checkout process and auto-advance their shoppers to the payment details step, if all the mandatory information in the previous steps is pre-filled. This feature can be enabled by any merchant using Inline Cart using the new autoAdvance parameter. Feature Click me
June 25, 2020 Added a range of new API methods for programmatically managing usage, thus allowing merchants with large volumes of usage data to have more control over usage, reduce revenue impact due to unbilled usage, and improve insight into usage consumption. Feature Click me
June 25, 2020 The product quantity parameter can now be sent through LCN so that merchants can monitor the product quantity tied to their licenses. Patch Click me
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