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February 2018

Last updated: 13-Mar-2018
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Feature/Patch/Bug fix



February 2, 2018 You now have extended control over your ordering capabilities, with the possibility of restricting purchases coming from certain billing countries. Feature Click me
February 7, 2018 You can now customize the payment receipt email template using the additional field information set at product level. Check here the list of variables exposed in the Email Editor. Feature Click me
February 8, 2018 To comply with the latest financial regulations, B2B customers from Serbia are now required to add their Tax Identification Number during the purchase, while B2B customers from Turkey are required to fill in their Tax ID and Tax office. Feature -
Feature 9, 2018

You can now track unfinished renewal orders of your customers from the subscription and customer history areas. Your customers can also view the status of their unfinished renewals in their myAccount.

Feature Click me
February 14, 2018 You can now navigate to different reporting areas directly from your dashboard. We have further improved your experience by adding call to actions to each widget displayed in the Control Panel dashboard. Go ahead and try out the new Control Panel interface for an optimized experience! Feature Click me
February 26, 2018 You now have extended control over the communication with your shoppers, as you can decide to suppress notifications sent when cancelling subscriptions. Feature Click me
February 16, 2018 Your partner management area has been further enhanced, for allowing you to easily monitor and filter your partners list. Click here to learn more about partner management. Patch -
February 1, 2018 Fixed a bug blocking the update of VAT during a partner ordering process. Fix -
February 4, 2018 Fixed a bug causing an incorrect display of the Control Panel dashboard icon when accessing one of the menu section with the menu bar minimized. Fix -
February 6, 2018 Fixed an issue causing the retained dispute balance amounts to not get displayed into the sales report. Fix -
February 14, 2018 Fixed a bug causing the display of an inexplicit error message for customer's myAccount authentication issues. Fix -
February 14, 2018 Fixed a bug blocking affiliate orders from being included in the Instant Search Export results. Fix -
February 20, 2018 Fixed a bug that was allowing users without privileges to access the Lead management area. Fix -
February 20, 2018 Fixed a bug blocking the change of the display currency, when accessing the cart from a mobile device. Fix -
February 23, 2018 Fixed a bug affecting the use of HTML tags when setting additional fulfillment information at product level. Fix -
February 26, 2018 Fixed a bug allowing the validation of the credit card field with the value "0" in cart. Fix -
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