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April 2020

Last updated: 13-May-2020
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April 2, 2020 Added a new trigger that will send an LCN notification when the customer updates their payment details via myAccount or if the payment details were updated as a result of an API call via copyPaymentInfo. Patch Click me
April 9, 2020 Integrated Alipay payment method in APIv6 to help merchants boost conversion and accelerate global expansion in China. Feature Click me
April 9, 2020 We introduced “Coronavirus” as a new reason in the churn campaign dropdown which allows merchants to better identify subscriptions canceled due to the pandemic. Since it was released, ~6% of subscription cancellations had “Coronavirus” as a reason. Patch -
April 9, 2020 Merchants can now use the Custom Price functionalities for partner renewal orders so that they or their partners will be able to place a renewal order and use the price value saved at the subscription level (custom price). This functionality was until now available only for eStore orders. Patch In progress
April 9, 2020 In order to combat the Coronavirus impact on voluntary churn, a set of features were automatically enabled for a targeted list of merchants to help them recover revenue and retain customers for a limited 90 days. Patch -
April 15, 2020 Extended usage billing capabilities via API by adding a new method (addUsage) to allow merchants to upload usage easier, one usage line at a time, without having to create a file to do so. Part of a project meant to give merchants more control of usage over API. Feature -
April 23, 2020 Added Giropay in APIv6 to give merchants the possibility to receive online banking-based payments tailored to users in Germany. Feature Click me
April 23, 2020 Merchant Control Panel was upgraded in terms of security for changes performed in the payout details section. All  Merchant Control Panel users are now required to use their 2Factor authentication method of choice (Google Authenticator or Email) in order to perform financial details changes on their merchant account. Feature Click me
April 23,  2020 API REST documentation was updated with new use case examples and demos (for payment methods and dynamic products). Patch Click me
April 24, 2020

Our public documentation was updated with:

  • a new use case example and demo for Merchants looking to use the expiration key to define the validity of Inline cart purchases.

  • a new use case example and demo for Merchants looking to use the Product object to set the custom price and add it to the InLine Cart by calling the click event handler.


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