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May 2019

Last updated: 22-Jul-2020
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May 13, 2019 Merchants can now see partner information at the subscription level so that they can identify this information for imported subscriptions as well. Feature Click me
May 13, 2019 Partners can now see in Partners Control Panel the customer external ID information in the listing results of the license report so that they will be able to identify a customer without generating and opening a CSV file. Feature Click me
May 15, 2019 Update credit card information in shoppers myAccount will be registered as a “change card” event in the subscription history page to give a better customer and subscription tracking view to merchants. Patch Click me
May 30, 2019 Updated the 2Checkout payout flow for Merchants located in UAE, to comply with the latest financial regulations.  Patch -
May 30, 2019 To comply with the latest fiscal regulations worldwide, we’ve updated the shopper invoice template for countries where 2Checkout has a local entity. The updates are impacting the invoice content and the 2checkout billing details section.  Patch -
May 31, 2019 Merchants that have over 2000 products in their product catalog in Control Panel can now use the multi-product selection during order search. This way, merchants benefit from faster and more effective product selection. Feature Click me
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