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April 2019

Last updated: 09-May-2019
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April 9, 2019 Added the possibility to retrieve SKUs schemas and set SKU via API 6.0, so that merchants can manage SKUs via API. This action is currently available via the Merchant Control Panel. Feature Click me
April 12, 2019 Added parameters for partner orders in Instant Search Export (ISE) to allow merchants to access specific partner order details through the Instant Search Export (ISE) functionality and avoid manual search. Feature Click me
April 22, 2019 Merchants can now easily update their minimum transfer limit from their cPanel, having direct control over their payout flow, thus avoiding back and forth communication and incidents with our Financial Operations team. Feature Click me
April 22, 2019 Added new parameters (recurrence, duration, renewal-price) to the Inline cart to support renewal parameters for dynamic products, so that merchants can offer shoppers the possibility to subscribe. Patch Click me
April 23, 2019 Merchants can generate authorization reports based on payment method and transaction type, which will provide additional insights on their customers’ behavior based on used payment methods (cards and PayPal) and order type (new acquisition, auto-renewal, manual renewal).  Feature Click me
April 30, 2019 Merchants can now see the margin per product line in the Channel Manager's shopping cart, so that they have an accurate overview before placing the order.  Feature -
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