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March 2019

Last updated: 09-May-2019
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March 12, 2019 Merchants can now lock cart items in ConvertPlus so that shoppers cannot change the order (e.g. remove products, select other pricing options, quantity), hence allowing merchant’s control over predefined packages.  Feature Click me
March 14, 2019 Tax calculation and collection for PSP business model where merchants will be able to receive the collected taxes from 2Checkout and further declare and pay them themselves to local fiscal authorities.  Feature Click me
March 15, 2019 Extended 2Checkout 3DS to also cover API orders. By using 3-D Secure, merchants get additional protection from liability for fraudulent card payments, with customers having to go through an extra layer of authentication. Feature Click me
March 15, 2019 In Control Panel, merchants can set additional commissioning schemes for affiliates for: new purchases, trial conversions and renewals and setting the number of renewals for which affiliates are commissioned. Feature Click me
March 19, 2019 The Instant Payment Notification (IPN) and License Change Notification (LCN) webhooks now include ‘Additional information’ parameters on subscriptions through API methods for tracking purposes. So merchants can now segment customers that transitioned from other platforms to 2Checkout.  Feature Click me
March 22, 2019 ConvertPlus now supports buy-links with custom price set for catalog products so that merchants can offer personalized offers to their shoppers. Feature Click me
March 26, 2019 Merchants that use ConvertPlus can offer their shoppers the possibility to change the product price and quantity options during manual renewal, and increase their revenue by tailoring campaigns for retaining subscribers. Feature Click me
March 29, 2019 Resend notifications functionality via Instant Notification Service (INS) in the Merchant Control Panel for cases when the initially sent notifications do not reach the designated endpoints. This functionality will give merchants the possibility to retrieve any lost data. Feature Click me
March 29, 2019 Added out-of-the-box additional order fields in the Inline Cart and ConvertPlus default template for better customization (e.g. visible such as Mr., Mrs., checkbox with shopper agreement for newsletter, or hidden like merchant specific labels).  Feature Click me
March 29, 2019 License Change Notification (LCN) webhook will contain the incremented values of the billing cycle parameter, even for products without a contract-set cycle, so that merchants can better monitor the renewal cycle of the subscriptions (customer lifetime) in their systems.  Feature Click me
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